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I know Troy has a couple articles about anonymously signing up and paying for unverified IPTV services and/or other cord cutting services. I’m not a fan of using crypto currency for payment, so I think payment using Blur or Privacy App would help safeguard my transactions. I already use Proton Mail for an encrypted email service. What are my options to keep my real name and address out of the equation at sign up? Do these IPTV services and/or other services check and verify name and address, or is there a way to make this anonymous for the sake of security?

Edit: I’m an idiot and put the wrong link/name before. Sorry to any that clicked it before I fixed it.

I use the paid version of protonmail and they allow for multiple email adresses and ive created one for interacting with services. As far as payment get a preipaid card(walmart) and use that. If they only accepts crypto I usually skip them and keep looking for one that accepts my payment terms. I do have crypto but do not want to exchange with these type of services due to security. A pre-paid card is just that, no more no less.

I tried Privacy a few weeks ago and it didn’t work for one of the more popular IPTV services. In fact, Privacy deactivated my account when I tried it. They must have a blacklist. Abine Blur should work as I’ve used that in the past but the service must be using a United States credit card processor. So, I typically just use Bitcoin through Coinbase as it is simple once you have a Coinbase account setup. All of these allow you to input a fake name and address but you still need a legit email to get login credentials and I suggest Proton Mail or another anonymous email service for that. I would never give these questionable outfits any of my personal info.


Thanks for the feedback Troy. I may still use Privacy for other things, but yeah, you are probably right with the blacklist. I’m not sure I’m totally comfortable with the Crypto thing, but I agree with the security of it. I have always used a prepaid card for these and have never had issues, but was hoping Privacy would work. I use Proton Mail thanks to your recommendation, but was always curious about Name/Address in those forms. I was always afraid to give a fake one, but don’t see why they wouldn’t work. You are still a paying customer to them.


@AMD237 @TROYPOINT What do you guys think about Paypal for IPTV? I use it now but am not real comfortable doing so. I used a prepaid card for a trial. PayPal does not let you use prepaid cards for reoccurring subscriptions though. I read something about setting up a business account with PayPal. That is a little more safe, I guess.

Ive used paypal but they have become a big gov nanny and if they know its iptv will/can block the sale…so I moved away from using them.

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Yea, I think Paypal is safer than using your personal credit card, but I always wonder if they are going to flag a sale like IPTV and potentially block it. If you don’t go the Crypto way, I suppose prepaid is likely best for unverified services.

@TROYPOINT If you pay for a Privacy Pro account, their website claims you can take advantage of this feature:
“Discreet merchants (hide transaction info)”

Do you think this may make the transaction go through for those unverified IPTV services?


I’m also good with PayPal but it seems that many of these questionable services can’t get accounts there anymore so less and less are offering that option.


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Just tried to extend my real debrid account and found that Coinbase is not available for payment any longer. Coingate is now the exchange. Disappointed since I am not familiar with coingate. Apparently I need to get a prepaid debit card.

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Im on the same boat, how do we proceed?

I read people use credit cards but those options are grayed out while using a vpn. If i turn off my vpn wont the website keep my ip info for a year or so?

Been paying for RD for years with a personal credit card. No concerns here

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Previously I did also, but Troy alerted us to new policy from Real Debrid of keeping personal data for a year and that they will provide it if requested by a government agency. Maybe minimal danger, but why put it out there if I do not have to. Hopefully someone will provide an answer (Troy). Maybe the answer is somewhere in the forum, but I have not found it yet.

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RD is a legit service. There’s no governmont agencies asking RD for IP addresses. But I do understand the paranoia on this forum is Big

been using fake name and addresses for my “services” every time with no issues for years now… and paying with bitcoin thru cashapp is a no brainer. :ok_hand: screw PP! :fu: