Anker Nebula Fire TV Soundbar Review: Built-In Firestick Capabilities

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This Anker Nebula Fire TV Soundbar Review was written by TROYPOINT after testing for several weeks. Many are familiar with the Amazon Firestick and Fire TV Product line, however, not everyone knows that there is also a dedicated soundbar with Fire TV technology. I am a huge fan of Soundbars and was eager to try…


@Troyppoint. Currently as on Nov 2, 2021 Nebular Sound Bar Fire TV is $139.99 canadian on
Just a quick thank you for all that you do. I have followed you for years. You are amazing and I have learned SO MUCH.


Nice review Troy…

That thing looks bad @ss
Looks like the remote is longer (even a little would be welcome)
Defntly put it on the black friday list…
Thanx T & W…


Upon further review…

The 2 links above are 2 different soundbars…

Troys review/link is for the “Fire TV Edition” …$179

westys is for the stock version (no fire)… $118

Options are always good…



For the Canadians the price on the .CA will be different.

Just a heads up.

Awesome review tho.

I may have missed you already discussing my question so I apologize if I did.

If you have a firestick already connected and you add the soundbar, does it combine them or would it be like having 2 separate firesticks?

Hope that made sense lol :joy:

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