Anime apk for firestick

anime apk for firestick?


Dont know if there is a direct anime app, unless you want the paid ones. Which are self explanatory.

Go with the all the tv show and movie apps and do a search they will come up. Syncler with rd and stremio with rd pull alot of amime.


Hi there’s a one you can try but I’m not sure if this still working.

This is from TP manual 2021 you can give it try if you like.

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FYI. Stremio has an anime addon. Well more than 1 actually, but one english one.

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Sup mag…

There r a coupl in unlinked…
Anime Tube
Anime World

& almost evry movie apk has an anime section


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Boy im dumb…


All have anime addons or lists

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