Android tablet play protect

got an android tablet… i installed a “harmful app” on purpose… (sports fire) on said android tablet. Google… i guess, called it a harmful app because it didnt come from google playstore. it will let me installl it… but wont let me run it after install (greyed out) and wont show up in apps. tried the the google playstore settings. tried the securuity settings and disabled detect harmful apps. a notification pops up and says harmful app detected… but only option is uninstall… it will let me install hdo and onstream and such… am i missing a setting? any heroes wanna help? its a blu (namebrand, not color) android tablet

Disable both the google play protect and the scan for harmful apps. is not a harmful app.

both disabled. still wont show up after install. can’t even open it after install… i can click done. open is greyed out. is there a quarantine or something on an android tablet where i can go in and allow the app?

Search ways to enable “Developer Mode” on your tablet.

enabling developer options was simple… now what? lol
is it possible that sportsfire isnt compatiple with this tablet? it doesnt give me an icon after it is installed… and the option to open it after install is greyed out. it is in my list of apps to uninstall. i have uninstalled and reinstalled after enabling developer options… same result

As far as I know itnisdesigned spcifically for Firesticks

Have you enable Unknown Sources in Android

May help if you mention what tablet you are using

its one of those blu tablets M10L PLUS

sorry, got a feeling this tablet is sold as is with a system image and will not get security updates or support.
This could be why you can’t side load apps.

It also looks like BLU is marketing this as a cheap version of Lenovo Tab M10 Plus tablet which has a support website.

Had a cheap BLU phone which never got updates or support but it was fine for playing games and whatsapp messages.

Try the new version of Sportsfiretv 2.03…

where do i get that? website only has 1.0