Android smart TVs

Can you take an Android smart TV and sideload Kodi and other apps into it? Is there such a thing such as a streaming tv set? Is this a dumb idea or is it something that hasn’t been explored yet? Thoughts? :thinking:

Hi @Dunes927
So if you can get to the Playstore or can download and install Downloader, then I don’t see any reason why you couldn’t.
As far as if it’s not a good idea or not? My personal opinion, is you only learn and know by doing; but others my have a different opinion.

Hello @Dunes927 yes there are smart TVs but it needs to be running either Android TV or Fire OS so you can get Downloader like @Sbrowne126 indicated. Most televisions don’t have these operating systems installed. You would probably know it if it did.


Yes you can. Apps that are designed for TV usage work best. Kodi, for example works great on Android TV. All content is streamed, Netflix, Prime, Apple TV etc. Android TV’s usually have a cable/antenna/sat input for OTA programming too. Additionally, regular TV/Sports can be streamed by generic IPTV or specific apps for a given service, often requiring a subscription.