Android Phone OS vs Android TV OS

New to all of this so bear with my learning curve.

I have an Apple TV and multiple Firesticks but after recent frustrations with each I decided to explore other options. I’m finding the Walmart onn. $20 box to be a simple choice, especially if I can get the USB added memory to be recognized. I have followed Troy’s tutorials and info collected elsewhere and have created my own preferred UI using ATV Launcher Pro with sections and tvQuick Actions Pro to customize the remote.

Looking for something a little stronger I ordered a generic Android TV Box from Amazon: X88 Pro13 Ultra HD 8K. The specs seemed reasonable. What I didn’t know is it would come with Android Phone OS and identify as a Samsung phone. There are some nice settings in the OS, for instance, you can easily declare the launcher app to use so another modifier app is not needed. But not all menus correlate to what I had started to be familiar with on the Firestick or Walmart box.

Can the OS on the TV Box be replaced with a more appropriate Android TV base OS? If so, are there pros and cons for doing it?

Right now I’m building out the preferred TV Launcher Pro and app sections so it will have the UI of the Walmart boxes used elsewhere in the house. But of course with more internal memory I can add more apps.

Any suggestions for this journey?