Android box speeds

Why does my generic Android box (X96 max) never get above 90 Mbps?

Are you using Ethernet or wifi? A few years back Ethernet was considered superior. BUT a good number of these Generic boxes come with an Ethernet card that maxes out at 100 Mbps. So if you have a 10/100 LAN card and using Ethernet connection most you can get is 100. I have AT&T Fiber and use WIFI on all my boxes and ger close to 400 MBps

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The model that you have lists a gigabit ethernet adapter, so, if true, you shouldn’t be limited by the Lan adapter if you’re hardwiring in.

If using wifi, you may want to monkey around with the wifi settings in the device menu. Lot of those cheap android boxes have poor grade wifi adapters. They usually don’t negotiate wifi N very well. Go in to settings and select wifi B or wifi B/G only instead of B/G/N and see if that improves speeds. It will force the box to connect only to your router’s B or G protocols.

Are you using VPN with the box?

I’m hardwired. I suspect its the ethernet card. WiFi speeds are even less then hardwired. With ss VPN on it drops to 40mbps. I may have to upgrade the box. Too much buffering with the VPN on.

If you want to try a VPN that may not impact your speeds, nearly as much, give ProtonVPN free a try and see if your speed is not so adversely affected.

30-40mbps will certainly bring about buffering, especy if you’re streaming 4k sources.

Without vpn on, you’re getting around 90mbps? What’s your ISP speed profile?

I pay Xfinity 400mbps and is consistent. I guess could also be my 50ft CAT6 ethernet cable from router to box.

Sometimes a bad network cable can have a short and really attenuate the pass signal. Couldn’t hurt to try another patch cable.

Again, am I interpreting correctly that you’re only getting 90mbps without vpn turned on at that streaming device?

I’m guessing you’re getting 440mbps, non-vpn, speeds elsewhere on other devices (pc, laptop, etc.).

correct. 90 without vpn. 440 is spot on my other devices.

Ever try a different cable?

I believe mthr1 is on the right track…I would also suggest, if possible, bring a laptop with a 1G e-port to your box’s location…plug into the laptop & see what speeds your getting…that will determine the state of your 50’ e-cable. :cowboy_hat_face:

Also…50’ is not considered a long run for cat 6 ethernet…

50’ isn’t nearly a problem for a cat5 cable, much less cat6e. They’re both actually rated for the same max run distance before compromising signal - 100m.

However, that doesn’t mean the your 50 foot of patch cable didn’t develop a short in the run or a connectivity issue in one of the rj45 plugs.