Android box add ons

I have an Android box and Kodi and Xanax stopped working. Finally got Kodi back but have to reinstall all apps. I can’t find Xanax Wizard or Exodus or any other familiar add one. How do I get them back?


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My recommendation would be to uninstall kodi, reinstall kodi 19.3 then follow a guide for the build

It’s possible your kodi and build just needs updating.

My personal recommendation for kodi is to not use a build, clean cut with the crew oath seren addons.


That link has all the builds recommended by Troy and updated.

Thank you for the info. Is this “dummy proof” I am not very smart when it comes to technology. Or should I pay for a subscription?


Is kodi dummy proof? The guides on troypoint have videos and pictures walk threws help anyone out even if you are not sure.

Paid service would be a real debrid account which I strongly recommend.

There is also a guide on that. On the we website.

Check out Troy’s latest builds on the website, use the search function


Xanax is no longer being supported i would try xenon build as a alternative

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