Andriod Phones v13 & Downloader

Quick question, just got a pixel 7, can’t install downloader or unlinked. In developer mode and unknown sources is checked. Is there a way to get these on Andriod 13? Was going to change to gs23 ultra but I think I would have the same issue.

I have a pixel 7 and downloaded it from apkmirror with no issues

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Going to try it now once Pixel charges up. I was about to send it back until I realized the sg23 has the same OS. Hate upgrading phone. All my hobby apps do not transfer.

Is there anything I can do to make get my unknown apps to transfer? I tried to enter developer mode and turn on unknown apps (IPTV) before migrating but it didnt work

Android with each version gets locked down more and more. On my pixel ive installed GrapheneOS which basically is another operating system. I still have google play and any app I want but they are placed in a sandbox and not allowed to control my phone. The phone itself is operated by grapheneOS and I grant google permission when I need it.

GrapheneOS: the private and secure mobile OS