Analiti Download RAI

@TROYPOINT I downloaded Analiti from the rapid app installer and I got an outdated version. When I tried to launch, it just got stuck on the Analiti logo. I then downloaded from the Amazon App Store and got the updated version and it launched without any problems. I am running a fire stick 4K with the wolf launcher. Just wanted to bring it to everyone’s attention.


I made a post on this, the one on the rai is outdated and the new updated analiti kinda forced out the old.

Please wait till its updated.

@TP-Dracoo @TROYPOINT Good deal TP… I did a quick search before posting. I must have not seen it. Sorry about that. The Insider is getting popular and I get more results than a Google search :relaxed:. I was just updating IPVanish according to Troy’s tutorial and ran into this problem when testing speeds.

Thank You…

Not a issue. All good sir. Thanks for letting us know.

@Money thanks for this reminder. This is now fixed and the TROYPOINT app should always be pointing to the most recent release of Analiti.