Amlogic S928X is a chipset for upcoming 8K Android TV Boxes

Amlogic S928X is a chipset for upcoming 8K Android TV Boxes | AndroidTVBOX

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Thats a bad boy on the way, read specs

Definitely some big league specs…top to bottom…1st time I’ve seen the acronym VPU…it goes well with CPU & GPU :face_with_monocle: :saluting_face:

Do kinda’ wonder why they haven’t gone “octa” on their CPUs yet…don’t get me wrong, this one has got all kinds of new stuff in it…I’d like to see it matched up with a hot octa-core. Maybe this 4 is better than 8 :thinking:

After reading it again…are there 5 cores?

What caught my eye real quick was the processing power of up to 3.2<<<<thats killer not to mention the up to 8gb ram.

Didn’t see that…but yeah, that’s pretty dootsy quick…did see the 8gb ram…that’s half of what my laptop has got…

We are looking forward to the first S928X 8K Android TV Box available for sale. If there is an offer in a well-known online store, we will let you know immediately.

I’m sure you’ll be watching closely for this in a new toy :eyes:

Ooh thought the 922 was the bomb, not anymore!

8GBs of RAM, but I didn’t see specs for on board storage

the system is not dependant on storage or vice versa, whatever they dream up to put in, I would guess 64 or better. My ugoos ut8 is 8gb ram/64 storage and this appears to be a competitor of that rockchip series…but better being amlogic

What he said…& I can’t wait till its put in something Ron just has to buy & try out :upside_down_face:


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