American football replays - strange behavior during playback

Kodi version 20.1 and using nvidia shield tv 2015

I am beyond completely confused and frustrated. I’ve recently been experiencing something weird when trying to use either mad titan or the loop to watch American football replays. When I play a video, it randomly skips forward a few seconds, and this happens about every 20 seconds or so. To make things even weirder, the skips do not reflect in the play timer, meaning if a skip happens at the 1 minute mark, it will still say it’s at the 1 minute mark even though it just skipped forward. It never stops to buffer or anything like that, so isn’t a buffer issue. The videos work 100% fine when I watch them directly on the site they are located at via a web browser. Happy to give any more details and answer any questions you need, wanted to be careful since I’m still learning the forum rules.

Please tell me someone has experienced this and has an idea what I’m talking about, and or a solution?? I can’t imagine I’m the only person who has experienced this.

Thank you all very much. What a cool community this is. I am very happy I happened to come across this site/community :slight_smile:

Man no one has experienced this?? :pensive:

If it is replays of US football and the timer doesn’t freeze up,
sounds like they may be edited to cut out the slow parts in between plays so while you may think it has skipped ahead,the video has just actually been cut out.

Unfortunately that’s not the case though. The stutters happen right in the middle of plays constantly. Most importantly though, when I go on the website where the source video is located and watch it on my browser, it plays completely normal with no stutters.

Are you running both through a VPN?


Holy smokes dude. This is so weird. You are on to something!! Yes I was and the issue goes away in Kodi when I disable it. What’s so weird to me though, is when I have it enabled on my phone, I can watch the video in my browser with no issues at all. The issue only occurs when I have it enabled and try watching it via Kodi (and an add on of course).

Any idea why this could be?? @AMD237

Thank you for the reply and help @AMD237


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Any idea of a fix @AMD237 or anyone?

Maybe some troubleshooting steps I can take to fix this issue? Because I really don’t relish the idea of watching these with no VPN enabled.

Tell us more about your VPN, speeds, etc.