Amazon's new 11" tablet, 4G Ram, Jun 14th

I have long used a Fire 10" tablet. The new 11" tablet will come in at $229. Cord Cutter News has an article on it. Will it be worth the price? Do you use a tablet? What kind? Hope we get a comparison video of budget tablets as the price increase might bring competitive tablets in to view.

Price wise they are tough to beat. I have a 11 and 8 inch tablet that ive added googleplay to also. This new one has better specs.
Amazon Fire Max 11 launches with keyboard and stylus

Yeah, but can it be house broken?

Fyi, The tablet with the stylus and keyboard bundle will cost $330 bucks.

…and still no Play Store!

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I will not be attempting anything with this new tablet as my amazon device days are about over :joy:…Still have one echo dot left but its on shaky ground :crazy_face:


You can add the playstore. Google it. There are a few steps but not difficult.

I got my 10" Amazon tablet reconditioned for something like $120 when my 8" went into an unresolvable loop and bricked – right after I deleted IPVanish. Don’t really see a reason to upgrade to the 11" since it’s mostly used for Kindle reading (e books from the library are free for 21 day reading time).

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i have a Fire 10 got it supercheap on Amazon last year and was able to completly DEBLOAT it of ALL Amazon junk and turn it into a Android Tablet…have had ZERO issues so far works like a android tablet now can download playstore and ALL apps.

After visiting XDA what I am reading is there are a lot of issues involving debloating any Fire Tablet above version

At $330 bucks I think there are much better options out there to be had. Amazon has gone waaaay over the line in controlling a device that YOU own!