Amazon's Consumption of Fire TV Storage

Not sure anyone is as OCD as I am but I want to put out there what I recently discovered
My Fire TV box died It had gotten to just .5mb of available space and while I was transferring apps to the SD card all went black. Needless to say not even the Factory Reset via the remote isn’t working.

Anyway, because of that I did a Factory Reset on a 2nd generation Stick and a brand new 4k Stick.
While doing that I kept track of the storage availability as I went. I always checked My Fire TV after every action I took.
I do love the device because it has provided me a way to cut the cord but annoyed.

The short of it is -
Your suppose to get 8gb of storage but when you first open the device and check it under My Fire TV I only had 5.94 (4k 5.28). I’ll give them the 2.06gb (4k 2.72gb) for the OS system and pre-installed apps
(they take up about some but not even close to the gb’s used).
But of the gb’s they make available more is taken because it reads only have 4.87gb (4k 4.95gb) available. Another 1.07gb (4k .33gb) lost.
Then while adding apps updates occurred. Two updates occurred on each stick. The 2nd generation Stick took up another 1.38gb(4k 1.86gb).

When I added up what Amazon “needed” they had taken 4.5gb (4k 4.9gb). I find this ridiculous that they have consumed over half of the given storage. I also don’t like that you can’t turn off their re-installed apps. I don’t use Photos, Music, Prime etc.
I have learned to clear cache on just about all apps to gain back storage. Sometimes it can be as much as half a gb.

There was an earlier article here on the subject of Bloatware.
There is a new Debloater system out on 6/21/20. Go to You Tube > TechDoctorUK >
“Speed Up Firestick by Removing Amazon Bloatware.”

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Thank you so much. I had looked at Troypoints video on the subject. I was hesitant because of just getting a new 4k Stick and did not want to make a deadly mistake. I will try it.
I wish that it worked on OS 5 Sticks as well.

I really think Amazon should be held to task for even allowing all this to go on.