Amazon Updates blocking Wolf Launcher

Hello Troy:
I have heard about the latest Amazon updates blocking TDK’s update blocker and Wolf Launcher. I tried to put the update blocker on my Firestick Lite and an update must have sneeked through anyway because my updates are still coming through. I then tried your 2nd video on installing ADB Shell. I put in both commands and what came up was “can’t disable a protected package” for both commands. I am running OS 7.2.4 2. There is an update ready to install that came through automatically, I don’t want to install it. What do you suggest I do? Thanks. Shari

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I came here for this topic as well. Wondering if there is a way to reverse or uninstall the updates without completely factory restart on the Firestick. But then again you said it still installs them anyhow.
Would love some input on this. I am not real tech savvy to begin with and find all this aggravating.

That’s odd I have a 4k Max with FireTV and installed the ADB app from Troy’s RAI and ran the commands as he showed and it blocked the updates for me. Well for now.


TeckDoctorUK temp fix to block updates.
Remote ADB Shell command
pm clear