Amazon to aquire MX Player

Just seen this article about the possibility in Amazon acquiring the MX Player app .

welp…back to vlc :joy: :grimacing:


That should spell the end of MX player for non-FS people.


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Well, there’s still VLC.


Tbh, exo-players have come a long way and really are pretty good.


JustPlayer is awesome has all the codec’s.

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While JustPlayer is really good, when I try to watch a show with Stremio+RD labeled with TrueHD it will choke. I have to switch to VLC if I want to play that link.

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I am going to check this JustPlayer out. Is this the correct one?

Just (Video) Player - Apps on Google Play

I have tried a lot of the external players, but tbh, the exo-players have always seemed the most stable to me.

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Curious lots of posts about using external players. What are the reasons? I use KODI and that has it’s own player. My current IPTV service uses a proprietary app and in the past for other IPTV services I’ve used Tivimate. in what scenarios would you use a different external player than the app you are using? I see so many posts about people using external players but not understanding the need or application for this

That is the one.

Options. I mostly use Stremio and it has 2 internal players (exoplayer and libVlc). It also allows you to use an external player if you choose. For me, I was having trouble playing certain links that contain TrueHD. I tried multiple players and VLC was the only one that would play those links. Otherwise, the built in players work well.

I am checking it out now.

Here’s a JustPlayer fyi if you didn’t already know.

Long tap the gear icon and you will enter advanced settings where you will have access to more detailed settings.

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Occasionally I will run across a channel that has no sound. If I open it in an external player, it will have sound. Almost always. One practical use.

I think what I am needing is audio passthrough in the app so the sound goes straight to my soundbar. I’ll check it out tonight. Thanks!

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One example I can give you about using an external player, on my live IPTV provider if I got a bad recording on TV mate, it will not fast forward using the TV mate player however I can use external MX Pro and I’m able to fast forward through the recording. When I get to the part of the recording that’s disrupted I’ll have to play with it a little bit and get it beyond that then I can finish fast forward.

okay I’ve just never had a need to use an external player in fact my IPTV service uses a propritary app not tivimate however I have a shi$$y backup (Alibaba) on Tivimate that I haven’t opened in months as it’s not needed. and I never record anything but now see why they might be helpful for others