Amazon silk web browser update

I am getting a message that says for Amazon silk-web browser app is currently unavailable…please update your device to use the amazon silk web browser app. When I push the update device it won’t update. What do you do to update this app so you can use it?

Not certain about that, but I got turned on to the JioPages Browser app that is really very good! So much so that it is now my go-to browser app.

JioPages: Indian Web Browser - Apps on Google Play

What device are you trying to use the silk browser on? You can get it from the playstore or app store. :wink:

Can the Silk web browser load on a Nvidia Shield ?

I just did using my JioPages browser to get to this site listed below.

Although, I don’t see the point in it. The JioPages browser is very good and works well with my Nvidia Pro.

But I did download the Silk apk and tested it out and everything seemed normal. Then I uninstalled with no residual side effects. I did run a virus total check on it and no alerts were present.

Silk Browser for Android - Download the APK from Uptodown