Amazon Silk App on Nvidia Shield

How do you load the Amazon Silk App onto the Nvidia Shield when it is not in the Google Play Store? I have tried for several days without any luck. Amazon states my Nvidia Shield 4K is not compatible? It is an android device so why isn’t it compatible?

This is Amazon’s Silk Browser version
I installed into my Shield and tested it to make sure it worked and was compatible.
I made you a short link to make it easier, you can type this into your Downloader app. It’s


I typed in Silk download and selected the download from “Softonics”. If you don’t see an “Install” option. Then look in your “Downloader” folder in your file manager and use the manager’s installer.

Also, after you have installed. If you wish to have an app card appear in you favorites or on your app page. Then you will have to make a shortcut. I used “TV App Repo” and it is super simple to makea shortcut. See pics…
I just did this to show you. Personally I like other browsers better.

Now I am going to uninstall this. lol

Btw, this was done on a nVidia Pro.

Oh, you may need to turn off your vpn for the Downloader to be able to access the page you are searching for.

or you can grab my last good silk apk>>>> silk-browser-106-2-7-5249-170-30.apk

link expires in 2 days


Thanks to you we finally got the Silk Browser downloaded. There is no icon so we have to go into the settings on our Nvidia Shield, click on Apps, then See all Apps to open the Silk Browser which is fine. But now that we got that far we can’t downloaded the USTVGO.TV because we keep getting the same message as we did for the Silk Browser - it is not compatible with our Android device. Any help?

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Silk works fine on my shield and pulls ustvgo just fine. I would suggest stopping play protect if not already and maybe another launcher.

You can use this TV App Repo to make a shortcut so your Silk App can appear on your app page and/or your Favorites bar.

This is the version I have and use and the process of making a shortcut is super simple to do.

Tv App Repo (Android TV) 1.1.4-playstore APK Download by Felker Tech - APKMirror

Btw, if you just want USTVGO. Then here is an apk you can download as a standalone app. You will need to make a shortcut for this app if you wish for it to appear on your favorites bar, or you can just go to your “All Apps” setting and locate and open from there. Personally, I made a shortcut using the aforementioned TV App Repo for my convenience.

Anyway, here is the link to the apk that I have installed on my own nVidia.
USTV 247 :tv: APK for Android Download (

Hey, is that “Proton Drive” the same people who own Proton VPN?

I have heard that Nord owns Proton VPN but am not sure. Nord probably owns a lot since they are a $1.6 Billion dollar company!

I asked, because the link you posted is generated on Proton Drive.

Yep. I have proton drive and I believe it came with my paid proton email account and just yesterday they added another gig storage…not enough coffee yet for any further info :sweat_smile:

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Here’s a quick and easy way of viewing USTVGO on your device. Use your Downloader app, where it says enter a URL just type in and then hit the Go button. Once the page loads, click the 3 small lines (hamburger menu they call it) on the top right corner and choose Fullscreen Mode. Let me know if that works for you. It should.
Forgot to add, before you start…on the Downloader app under the Settings make sure Enable Javascript has a checkmark next to it…

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That’s a clever option. I don’t know if it is a nVidia thing, but I cannot seem to go full screen once I am viewing a program. The full screen icon that normally appears on the lower righthand side of the viewing area does not appear. Although, I can enlarge the viewing area by using the zoom feature.

Btw, you don’t need to access the “hamburger” symbol to go full screen, zoom, etc., you can simply long press the select button and the menu will appear.

Thanks for the tip!

Proton Drive, Proton Mail, Proton VPN. The Electrons must be feeling left out?

Neutrons just go along to get along!

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Doing that you cannot blow the picture up to full screen.

Well, you can and cannot. You can zoom in to get a similar full screen.

Well, maybe you can use another browser. Personally, I’m in the minority here with this choice I’m sure, but personally Opera is the best browser I’ve used on the Shield. You have to sideload, but that’s no problem with Downloader app.

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BUT, at least the neutrons dance better!!!

You peeps get my drift?? :rofl:

P.S. Double thumbs up :+1: :+1: for USTVGO - great backup for IPTV & i’ve never seen it down EVER! :clap:

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Pointer Sisters reference, right? :dancer:t2:

Well, hate to burst your bubble, but USTVGO is gone!

USTVGO be going, going, gone.

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