Amazon Rolled out new update “Auto Offload “

Prevents firetv/firestick from Hiding 3rd Party apps
In Firetv menu
Scroll down to Auto Offload
Select to turn off.


I don’t see “Auto Offload” any where in the “applications” setting…Just all the apps I have loaded on Firestick. What am I missing?

Go to firestick/tv settings
Then go to applications
If the update came through
Auto Offload should be there.

Check your storage settings also

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I think I just got excited too soon. I just had an update go through a few days ago but it wasn’t the “8”. I’m still in the 6s. So I’m guessing the option hasn’t arrived yet if that sounds right.

I just told my FS to update and thre it was, turned it off. I hate when you buy something and don’t own it.

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Has not happened in USA version yet.

I got the notification last weekend

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Ya, they roll them out in stages. Mostly by serial number blocks.

My two devices finally got it. And turned off now. No change in OS number. Secretive Amazon update.

Thank you as I left mine turned on

My older Insignia FireTV did not recieve that update. Both other TVs did, and i quickly disabled it. Reason: On both that got the update, their “new feature” decided to offload (and disable) my SurfShark and SmartYouTube. Seems pretty suspicious, huh?