Amazon Prime issues

When I go to select Prime Video, nothing happens. Keeps sending me back to the Amazon Prime Homepage. Amazon Prime for Cdn/US accounts are up to date, Fire TV stick is up to date. Looked online for possible solutions, can’t find any responses. Can you update Amazon Prime individually on the Fire TV? Any help would be much appreciated.

Hey Rush, Is your ipvanish on? If it is you won’t get Amazon prime. You need to disable it. I’ve done this myself switching from Kodi back and forth. I’ve been watching prime all weekend, no issues.

Yes, my Ip Vanish is off while using Prime Video.

Same thing happened to me yesterday. I went to settings de-registered stick, and then re-registered it back and all is good

Have you updated the Prime app?

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I tried that as well. No success.

I used the debloater that troypoint sent out. my Prime movies would not work. I deregistered and reregistered and everything worked for about 2 days I called amazon and have gotten NO help from them. I finally reset to factory settings and reloaded my other apps. Now I have more available gb and everything working fine. Amazon never did get back to me. I figure I must have deleted something I still needed when doing debloat.

How do I update just the Prime app?

hi rush.harry,youve probably done this already done this try switching your firestick off, leave for 1 minute then switch it on again. Let us know how you get on. Jimmy.

I finally got it working, but it took deleting my Area 51 app. I’m using Velocity now and have no more issues with Prime Video. Thanks for all the feedback!!