Amazon pay for Real Debrid

Has anyone had a problem with using Amazon to pay for real debrid? Every time I try my payment is refused.

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It’s been awhile but it’s in your Amazon settings

Sent a payment to RD today via Amazon Pay. 16 Euro for 180 days.
Went through, no problems.
Took maybe 2 minutes.
Maybe try a different card in Amazon Pay.
Good Luck :+1:

It could be your bank. My sister’s credit union does not allow international transactions.

I haven’t used amazon, but real debrid continually refuses to accept my credit card. I have checked with my bank and my bank is not declining payment

I have had the same problem in the past. Bank card is registered on my Amazon account. Tried purchasing just using my debit card and same result. Had to call bank to allow international purchases. Quick phone call and my bank will let me turn it on for just two hours which I like. Hope this helps.

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Thanks for your response. I had many lengthy discussions with my bank and it turned out that they were not denying the charge. The problem is with real debrid. I have read elsewhere that they routinely deny charges from US banks. I don’t know why. I’ve made many attempts to pay them, but I’ve since given up. It shouldn’t be so difficult to business with someone.

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That is my preferred method of payment and I have not had any issues.

Just used mine the other day,no problems at all

The first few times I purchased RD I used a VISA gift card and it worked great. Hope this helps.

Thanks, I might just have to go that route. I just puzzles me because for over a year Real Debrid accepted my amazon payment but is just suddenly started refusing it.

Correct! You have to go into settings and move the slide option to accept international transactions.

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