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If I can’t update an Amazon device, then my device is soon outdated. Shouldn’t we all be looking for operating instruction and tutorials using other Android devices? When I cut the cord, I saved over $100 per month, so spending $100 one time for a streaming device was easily justified. I am so glad I did. Anyone getting good results from Google Chrome, Tivo, etc.? I love my Nvidia Shield Pro!


I believe everyone finds their device choice with trial and error. I have been through so many different boxes. Many will be fine with a firestick and stick with it or as I did move on. I have a ugoos ut8 right now and by far my fav to date but tomorrow I might change. This is a fast evolving hobby…what works today maybe not so well the next day.


I think a lot a people use this site for guidance so “trial and error” I don’t think is very helpful. Unlike a lot of us who also consider our cord cutting a kind of a hobby, I think most are just looking to save money so they deserve constructive help.

I loved my Shield until their recent disastrous software update that should never have happened…the onus is on them for that occurring. Now I will not buy another one of their products again even though I think their hardware is great.

I did have a TiVo 4K and it worked as well as a Firestick, but their support is basically nonexistent. I could never connect my Bluetooth keyboard to it and never had
success with them getting it resolved. I gave it to my daughter after a few months and she does not have any problems with it’s basic functionality.

The Firestick 4K Max is good and the IP6 connection is a great feature. I also like my Fire Cube, the extra memory you get is worth the little extra cost, plus I have a smart home so I’m using it not just for streaming.

I heard an read some very positive things on mecool, but have not yet tried it.

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I have had Firesticks for about 7 years and nothing else. I was convinced to try the MeCool KM2. Took almost 2 months to arrive and I was so excited to see what all the hype was about regarding these boxs. Turned out to be a complete waste of time and money. After 3 weeks of daily effort and untold hours I returned to the Firestick for the mere fact that they worked as advertised and as storage is a waste of time, for me, and the stick gives me access to all the live TV, movies, and series I could want, it remains my only device I use. If the stars align, and due to recent events, I am hoping to once again venture into the box market and get an Ugoos. But after my wife’s recent battle with Covid I have $15,000 in hospital bills to pay before I can do that. The info obtained on Troy’s sites are crucial to assist in decision making IMHO, and honest member input is vital to my decision process.
Have fun and STREAM ON.


Thanks Miki for your honest opion on mecool. You just knocked that off my list of future devices…LOL. I’ve seen a lot of talk about Ugoos and would like to hear pros/cons from users who have used it for awhile.

PS, hope the wife is doing okay.:grinning:

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Thank you for your well wishes, that was nice of you. My wife has fully recovered, and out of hospital. Some lingering effects as you could imagine when fighting for your life. Thanks again.


Hey @richlibel65 Yet I have a MeCool KM6 Deluxe & have had zero problems & love it. Others here have had bad & good experiences with other MeCool models…& you may see the same with other brands also. Lately, Ugoos have been front & center as the next hot box…lots of positive comments on them & even a TroyPoint review that was .1 higher than his review on my box. So…I would suggest looking into that brand & see if maybe it tickles yer fancy. Good luck in your search :cowboy_hat_face:

PS: Several members here have different Ugoos models so a search may give you more insight.

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Here is my Shield with the Wolf launcher.
Never going back to the Amazon stock launcher.
I will park my Fire Sticks in a closet and get another couple of Shield’s or Formuler’s before I put up with trying to live with the Amazon launcher.
Bad enough you have to live with the Netflix or Prime bloatware when you go to their apk’s.
Here is my Shield and I plan to keep all my devices looking this way.

Same basic style, simple wolf launcher. Easy to set up.


I’m afraid to use a different launcher. It boils down to being afraid of my Wife


Rich, I bought 2 Ugoos units, the AM 6 Plus, in 2019 and the top rated AM6 B Plus in 2021. Both are terrific boxes, which run on open android 9 o/s, have root options, with 4 Gbs of RAM, 32 gbs of internal memory, and are very customizable. These devices run incredibly cooler that most others, usually between 36 - 43 degrees Celsius due to much larger heat sinks on top of the processors. You can access some good unbiased reviews on these and other Ugoos devices at TV Box Stop and Chigz Reviews. Troy has reviewed the Ugoos AM 7 and you can find that here on a separate thread. Hope this helps. - Bill S.


Bill S, thanks for your analysis on the Ugoos devices! See, now this is what I was referring to in my first post. This group getting together and relaying their recommendations and first hand experiences to help out especially to the new people to cord cutting so they don’t have to go through the “trial and error” like many of us did a few years ago.

Although I don’t need a new streaming device, you have peaked my interest in Ugoos, I still have a bad taste in my mouth with Nvidia even though it’s working great again after applying the bug fixes. I didn’t have to go through the problems with my Firesticks/FireCube because I caught the warning of the new update in time due to this site, but at this point I would not recommend Amazon products anymore either.

Thanks to all who contribute to this site!


Like you and countless others, I’ve been through more than my share of disappointments with certain devices, (including Nvidia and MeCool), since taking up streaming as a hobby 6 years ago. While it is true that android devices have improved in quality and capacity over the years, this seems to be tempered by all the new restrictions being placed on your devices by certain manufacturers and media conglomerates. I have found the open android o/s devices to be the best as far as allowing you the freedom to load the apps and services you want. The problem, up until manufacturers like Ugoos came along, has been the lack of hardware quality and system updates in these numerous Chinese made open android devices. I hope we start to see more quality open android boxes like those Ugoos is making, as this would really fill a need for streamers in view of what is going on with Nvidia, Fire TV and the other big boys.


@Miki wishing for a speedy and full recovery to your wife.

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I think we all need to calm down and wait it out. You cant block newly updated sticks or remove bloatware or customize it as you want. Not big issues for me but others this seems to be a deal breaker, i think amazon users should just wait and see what happens. You only need 4 apps or so on the stick anyway. Id even say just 2.

In the mean time look around at options dont panic. If sideloading apps gets blocked move on that’s all. Remember, open based android os devices will work just as good for your day to day cord cutting needs.

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I have been streaming for over 6 years now and see your point on everyone needing to calm down to a degree. However, it gets really aggravating for many of us who have had to constantly overcome update screwups and blocking of certain apps by these corporations on our devices. My first 2 devices were a jailbroken Firestick and Nvidia Shield. I found out quickly the limitations of both, especially the firestick. I get it that a firestick is popular because it is inexpensive. However, If you want more than 1 or 2 extra apps you are out of luck in having enough of a memory buffer to stream with all the installed bloatware and advertising you can’t get rid of. I found the only things the Shield really has going for it is the superior hardware and gaming capabilities. I moved on to open android boxes, where the shortcomings, (until the past 2 years) were the lack of quality built devices and lack of updates/product support. That now seems to be changing, as there have been some well made open android devices put into the market since then.

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Yes i know how frustrating it is, you validated my point, i said pretty much this. The reason i said wait because until the end game is clear they’re isn’t much we can do with fire products. As i stated might have to move to something els. Untill corporate greed ends this will be a uphill battle.


Well, that’s never gonna happen!


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