Amazon Launches New Fire TV Channels App for Firesetick & Fire TV

Yes and now that it’s built into Firestick you will likely have less ability to use other apps. Space is reduced and ram is cluttered. Am seeing problems happen more and more, that are space related even if you have over 1.5 gigs left. Sure is just speculation but have seen more apps crash random.

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Wonder how long before a dev makes a m3u for it? lol

What is the difference between the Fire TV vs fire tv | channels?

I downloaded the Amazon Fire TV v. apk from APKPure and installed it. I did open it, but decided not to go any further and sign in or set up new device.

I think this is an apk for a mobile device because it asks for me to “Make sure your phone and Fire TV device are connected to the same network.”

Everywhere I researched stated that there is NO app to download. Apparently, this app is auto installed on one of their updates.

The Freevee vs Fire TV Channels seems meh. Freevee has more reach and content, but FireTV Channels have some other features that freevee lacks.

I was just curious and have no intentions of adding this app even if I found a way. Not saying it’s bad, but I already have a gazillion media apps already. :crazy_face:

Fire TV Channels: 4 Things To Know About Amazon’s Free Streaming TV App (