ALL4 - Channel 4 - How do i get it

I have cant seem to fing ALL4, I used to have it but deleted it and now cant find it on unlinked. Can someone help me please. Thank you. G

You can download it ftom apk pure or apk mirror. But you will not be able to get the ad free version. This is on unlinked on code 12341234.

But sadly that site has not been working for downloads for quite a while.

I wrote to the site owner of code12341234, but still no reply.

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The best way is to use the Troypoint rapid app installer with lots of app you can install.

There is also Unlinked app with the latest Code because 1234…and 5555… Won’t work any more to get rapid app visit link below. :+1:

But All 4 app is not on the Troypoint RAI. Hence my response to sideload ftom apk stores.


Hi you’re correct but no offense, my post is not about ALL4, but about that RAI provide the latest and correct code for Unlinked. Also many other apps. :+1:

Do you have a Sub for it? If so my research shows it provides ad free broadcasting.

@Matrix… No probs. No offence taken. We were both trying to help the OP. Thats what this site is all about. :grin::pray:


@Miki …No, sadly not. I have been searching for the ad free version, which i accidentally deleted from an old filelinked code. Did manage to get itv hub ad free from one of the unlinked codes.

Set up a UK Amazon account and download it from the App Store.

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Amazon uk do not have All 4 ad free app.

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