All trailers buffering too much in all add ons

Recently, all my add ons have been buffering way too much when playing trailers. Playing the movies etc there is no issues at all but I cant really use the trailers functions on my add ons. When I access that i’d buffers so much it doesnt even play at all.

I am using an Nvidia Shield and use mostly Seren, The Crew and Loonatics add ons. I have an API key working for The Crew though it doesn’t play trailers only random videos that are associated with the title I searched which is disappointing and different than it used to be
Does anyone have any similar experience or any suggestions that may help me.

Thanks so much!


Welcome to out community!! I hope you enjoy.

Buffering can be a wild array of issues. Takes some time to sort out.

Also you don’t watch trailers on YouTube or anything?

Watching trailers on something els other than using the build is there buffering?

My suggestion would be to not use builds I find them a resource hogg and riddled with issues.

I watch trailers when browsing inside add ons. There are no buffering issues on my system except for that. I’m using Troy’s Kodi 19. This only recently started.

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