All Sandisk 3.0 32 gb flash drives not good

I have spent hours this week programming 4k FS for friends and have learned a few things…I’ve programmed 3 of my own using sandisk 3.0 flash drives, two 32 gb and one 256 gb which I got from Amazon. These worked fine. I then ordered 3 more 32 gb 3.0 from Amazon and friend supplied 64 gb 3.0…I have not been able to get them to work at all…I am able to get the partitions but when I try to load the apps, they don’t go into the partitions and I get msgs that they are not installed correctly…I’ve tried loading apps from Troypoint, filelinkd and even the long way using downloader. The unit then recycles on and off–resetting…I tried using the “extender” hdmi piece that comes with the FS in case the FS was overheating but that did not help. I’ve tried this numerous times…

I also reported in a previous post that all OTG cables are not the same…my original OTG cables purchased over a year ago from Amazon…recently purchased additional OTGs from Amazon (different supplier from Amazon)…all three in the package were dead

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I had a similar problem with Sandisk 3.0 except mine totally fried lucky it did burn my house down. Also purchased for Amazon probably a knock off.