All-New Amazon Fire TV Stick 4k Max - Available Now for Pre-Order

Originally published at: All-New Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max - Available Now for Pre-Order

Amazon has released the all-new Fire TV Stick 4k Max that is available now for pre-order. It is priced at $54.99 which is $5 more than its sister device, the Fire TV Stick 4k. Pre-Order Fire TV Stick 4k Max This is the latest iteration of the most popular streaming device available on the market…


Thanks for the post and info. I would like to know if anyone has had a problem with adding extended memory on fire stick 4K. I have completed the process and currently using extended memory. I followed the Troypoint video and installation went smooth. But I find the I am experiencing buffering like never before, especially on YouTube Tv. I took off the extended memory and the buffering went away. Anyone else notice this problem.


Not on the firestick tv… but managed to add 128Gb sim card to HD 10 as internal memory, works a treat

oh wow… 2Gb of RAM on a firestick, well I never!

But hold on, my Fire TV 2nd gen 2015 had 2Gb… also had SD port, also had USB port, also had ethernet port…

OK has the Wi-Fi 6 chipset and a slower processor… but I never notice any problems esp when using RDebrid. So to buy 4K Max would be a very hard sell. But maybe thats just me!!!

Probably why i am happy with my 2017 Mac, upgraded the memory to 512 Gb, set up windows partition and works perfectly. So not going to jump to M1 chip mac air as dont think I will benefit… although no noisy fac us useful!!

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Nvidia Shield is all I will ever own. Still using the 2017 model with no issues. In my personal opinion the best Android device on the market, even if it is $200.

Amazon just dropped the price on this device today.
Maybe a good time to pick one up. Not sure if the price drop is in effect for non-US residents though.