All movies distorted

Every movie I try to watch is distorted, screen seems split two thirds and one third (see pictures)

this happens in FEN, Crew, and Seren. I was using Kodi 20.2, I upgraded to Kodi 20.3 (all from troypoint).

If I try about 10-15 times ( a different version of the same movie) I might get one that plays correctly,

I’m using firestick 4k max.
I’ve restarted the firestick,cleared cache, tried different vpn addresses (I’m using surf shark)

Really frustrating.

That has happened to me before, I don’t know why it happens, but I just tried other links until one worked the way it was suppose to. :slightly_smiling_face:

Make sure they not 3d links. Try different hdmi port.

I remember on one TV I had, I had to go into some screen adjustment, or scaling, in it’s settings, and it had 4 arrows so i could adjust or move the pic up, down, left, right as well as expand or shrink it to fit the screen. I can’t remember the TV make as it was just one TV and I’ve only seen it once. What make and model of TV do you have?

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Thanks for the response.

Their not 3d links. I switched hdmi ports but the problem persists.

Searching google, but can’t find anything similar to this.

Thanks Miki for the reply.

I have a Samsung 65 4k. Screen size is adjusted correctly.

Still searching for answers…

Try setting whitelist in kodi pick all available resolutions. Settings>System>Display>whitelist. (Make sure settings on expert mode or you wont see whitelist option)

Then Settings>Player>Videos >Adjust display refresh rate” is set to on start/stop

Hello Anth,

Thanks for the reply. I tried the setting you suggested, and the problem persists.

It’s starting to become an obsession lol. Some movies (like Wonka) all returned links work great. Other movies (like Napolian) I might find 1 out of 6 that will play correctly.

Size doesn’t matter, 4k, 1080 makes no difference.

Probably haunt for years to come

Someone else had this issue recently but they incorrectly called it “double video”.

I dont think a solution was posted to the link but I’ll see if i can find it.

Can you try firestick on a different tv to see if it still happens. Send me a pm with movie and link you are trying and i will try on my device.