All Debrid Permanently Banned

Just wanted to share this. I received a notice that my All Debrid account had been banned. When I logged in, it said I was permanently banned. There was a chargeback from my bank. My debit card was compromised and the bank deactivated it, and I must have been on auto pay (didn’t remember doing that as I usually get a notice the subscription needs to be renewed). Anyway I sent them a message explaining my card was compromised and didn’t know they were automatically renewing? and the card wad declined. They banned me permanently and said this was very serious to them and that there is nothing they can/will do to rectify it. Just wanted to share that as I thought it was very unfair. They wouldn’t let me create a new account either and setup a new payment. :frowning:

All Debrid isn’t the only premium option available so although it may have been a shock to you you got something positive and that was finding out your card had been compromised and hopefully you weren’t to inconvenienced. Just have to buy another service like Real Debrid. They’re pretty much all the same.



Not much you can do really, other than keep trying to explain your situation.

Id recommend real debrid and as a second premiumize



This is weird, if you’re using Debt or CC when entering the card number/automatically entered, date validation and 3 did gets, when processing if the date not valid/or blocked by the bank will be automatically declined.

In both processing you will receive a message from AD that the payment process don’t succeed.

If you’re payment set on auto pay. Both ways you will receive a notice that payment process didn’t succeed due to compromising / and the bank deactivated it.

Otherwise it would be something else.


It was All Debrid not Real Debrid.



Yeah thanks was a typo :rofl:

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Yeah. I think at one point I had real debrid. Just wasn’t sure if that was the same. I may go back ir find another if there are options. Thanks!


Yeah that’s not an option. I chatted them 4 times and there is nothing they will do. My card was deactivated by bank from a previous transaction that was suspicious. I just thought it was strange they were so adamant about banning me. Like I did something wrong or that was in my control. I also thought I didn’t have an auto renew on so not sure why that transaction happened. Oh well. Thanks for Al the feedback everyone.

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