Alexa Remote Pro Review

Just got one of these guys and can confirm you cannot assign the buttons to third party apps, very disappointed with this as it was the main reason I bought it, to add VPN to one button which I can, but can’t add Syncler to my second button.

Oh well, at least if I lose it I can ask Alexa to find it…lol :smile:

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Is your VPN on the Amazon app store? If so, is it just sideloaded apps that can’t be programmed?

Big brand devices such as amazon want you to watch what they want not what you want :face_with_raised_eyebrow:. …and most remotes of this type is a “prime” example of that. Best to pick up a programable universal remote.


That’s what I meant…lol, but get what you mean, yeah just side loaded apps cant be added mate.

I suppose the light up buttons is cool, cos at my age I can see s**t…lol

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I will say the Apps & Settings buttons are a nice addition :slightly_smiling_face:

Just for reference I’m using the UK version.

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Will that $ 10 gyro one you posted from amazon work for Fs?

I can’t see why not. However ive never tried it on a fire device. I have used it on a shield, dudzX5, ugoos and mecool box.

If you could that would be great

$10 you cant go wrong :sunglasses: :+1:


Have you tried the Button Mapper app? I believe you can get it from the Play Store.

If I remember correctly, there are only 2 buttons you can “map” 1 and 2, and I believe there is a way to program them without a button mapper.

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Programming the button is not the problem, the problem is you cannot program them to open side loaded apps.

I know. Not a problem for me.

So are you able to program the 2 buttons with side loaded apps or you just don’t care? lol

I don’t even have one to test it out. I’ll wait until I can get a 3rd gen cube.

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@conman33158 I agree with @Powerfader about button mapper. It most likely your best option and if it will not work I cant think of anything else out there. A quality device you would think allow for something like this however they prefer closed to what we think.


Mapping the 2 added app buttons is very easy. That’s why I supplied the link that gives exact instructions to do so. No added mapper app needed.

Hopefully a workaround will pop up sometime, I downloaded the button mapper apk file but failed to install on the fire cube. I’ll just wait a while and see what happens. Just assigned button 2 for notifications so when that stupid Music Notification pops up I can go straight to it and delete it lol

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