Ads that symbolizes satan worship

Please remove these depictions of the upside down crosses as it’s very offensive to Christians.

That’s a picture that was probably taken from images or something.

Infact it’s all over Amazon. It’s the way they setup there stock photos.

No disrespect to your beliefs or what you see, but it’s not us and it’s not how it’s viewed or seen.

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I’m Christian and not the slightest offended.


Am I missing something? Or are you talking about the plus sign? You can’t be talking about the plus sign. It may be very slightly angled, but it is for sure NOT an upside down cross. You’re seeing what you want to see.



No, taking about the firestick in the photo beside ipvanish.

That’s even more crazy. Nothing stood out to me as an upside down cross. Again, people will see what they want to see.


I agree.

People offended by everything.

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I don’t even SEE a cross am I missing something? Geez rchgraham… get a grip

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I support anyone’s religious views but this is so ridiculous it actually makes me feel sorry for the person posting it. Don’t use our site if we offend you. This one takes the cake.


am i missing something here all i see is an ad for ipvanish ? if that offends you i think you joined the wrong group you might want to rethink things

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Lighten up, Francis. :grin:

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I love that movie!! :rofl:

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I love how in the world that we live in now, the people who preach tolerance the most, are in fact, the least tolerant! :joy:

Oxymoron much? Pot, it’s kettle! :joy:

Seriously, I’m sure of a few things;

  1. We all have our political and religious views and they’re all based on our personal lives that we’ve lived and our interactions and relationships with people we know and care about as well as those we don’t!

  2. That this website is neither the time nor place to discuss them!

  3. That Troy and his team would NEVER use this venue to push anything like that!

Believe it or not, there are people whose livelihoods are linked to this website and the services and videos and tutorials provided there in.

And they would not waste their time, much less, jeopardize that for some stupid political agendas, unlike your local, national, and international news channels.

I’m not a part of Troy’s team in any manner, but I’m sure that nothing here is meant to be offensive to anyone. So if that’s what anyone sees it must be what they choose to see.

So either leave, or keep ignorant comments to yourself.

This place doesn’t need to be ruined by unwanted and unnecessary crap like that. There are plenty of other places that will more than indulge stupidity like that.

Last time I checked streaming devices, software, firmware, and hardware have no race, religion, sex, sexual preference, political views or opinions, and they only identify as tech with 1’s and 0’s and binary code. The opposite of non-binary!!! :joy:


Great response and thanks for being a Patron! Much appreciated.

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Could have been worse, it could have been a non binary cross :rofl:


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