Adina addon vs. Ezra

It seems there’s a new Fen/Ezra fork called Adina. Does anybody know if it has any advantages over Ezra? Thanks.


I know about the Ezra Add-on it’s a Fen fork and able to scrape different sources for video content like movies and TV shows exactly what Fen Add-on does.

Again this add-on is just like Fen performance, and especially the scraping speeds of Ezra are extremely fast.

The addon also supports RD. Ezra is still brand-new but already works without any issues so far.
Other users have tested this with Kodi 19.4 v7 but not Kodi 19.4 v8 or kodi v20 Nexus.

To my knowledge nobody has reported any issues about this add-on. My self didn’t tryed yed, but in the future I will.:+1:

Ezra is now my preferred addon. However, as Fen and perhaps Insomnia show, addons come and go, so redundancy is safer. Plus, if Adina has all Fen/Ezra’s strengths and is in any way better, then Ezra could serve as the backup addon.

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Well if you change your mind you can also try other ones from TP manual. Ezra Add-on is not yet on the list perhaps will be on the next update.

But Adina add-on is on this list you can try if you want. :+1:

I,ve been using Adina… NO complaints… Nice and Fast…Plus has it own Favorites Section

Yes. Until now I’ve heard only positive things about Adina add-on to.

I’m going to give both add-ons try.:+1:


Yes. I’ve installed both " Adina and Ezra add-ons", and tested them several times, and searched and tested view videos, , both loads very fast even faster than Fen and other add-ons.

I like them both, but if I have to choose between the two I go for “Ezra Add-on”, this add-on have excellent links interface which I like better then other add-ons link interfaces. :+1:

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