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I’m a big user of torrenting, A torrent file once downloaded and converted to a playable format never buffers when played. Troy has a good torrent guide at 18 Best Torrent Sites in February 2023 (Safe & Working)

Take a look at the list in the following article particularly if you like to download books. 14 Places Where To Download Free eBooks Illegal 2023 - Techibytes. In particular, does not require a bittorrent client.

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The 18 Best Torrent site are public sites make sure you have your VPN on if you download from there

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Or any torrent site even the private ones. Torrents can be tracked.


Dont these sites all download the same thing?

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Basically most of them do have same source

Neither does Z Library (I know it was busted) but you can access through TOR Browser or simply Chrome. AND if you made at least 1 monthly $5 donation (I do from time to time to get the send to kindle access) you should have received links to your own personal domain!

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TROYPOINT Insider - TROYPOINT Insider community To answer your question, some of these sites ( like Pirate Bays, Kickass) are generalist. They link to TV, movies, books, software, other digital media. I’ve never tried them to download software, because of virus risks, but other members may have done this. Some of the sites are more specialized - tv/ movies only. Foreign content may be more difficult to find, and you may have to try a bunch to be successful. The Bittorrent client will warn you if you try to download a duplicate.

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