Adding storage to 4k firestick

I have a 4k firestick and I want to add storage so I can utilize TIVIMATE to record to the storage, (memory stick 3.0, 128GB).
Do I format it to internal storage or can I format it for external storage.
All videos indicate to format for internal storage due to moving apps to the memory stick.
I will not be moving apps to the storage.


Sup AJ…

Internal is for apps only

External is for media, so youll want external

Maybe try the flshdrv b4 reformatting (if it lets u) & go into Tivimate & c if it recognizes the drive & c if u can direct the recording to a file on that drive (idk if updates have changed things)
Just go into tivimate settings-other- Recordng- record folder- usb #

If so, do some test recordngs c if they go to the drive

If not, format to fat32 (extrnl) & repeat

If those fail, we’ll hv to dig deepr


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Thanks for getting back too me. I watched 5 videos on this subject, two from Troypoint and three from other people, some had different ideas. I also read USB formatting for firesticks, differences. Read a couple of other articles on formatting and utilizing memory sticks on firesticks, all off the insider. Still got issues but Ill get back to that later after I got it together and have something to say about it.


Success, took a while, once I got the dynamics using the shell app and testing 8,0 private, 50/50, 95/05, 90/10, understanding the different types of storage, and got Tivimate to recognize the flash drive it finally came together and I understood what was going on. Next time I’ll buy a 4k max!!.
Thanks again!


Hi @AJS1
Glad you got it figured out; and just in time for Amazon Prime days. You can get you a 4k Max at a discount.

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@AJS1 you’re a champ. Now you are truly a hard core insider and I look forward to seeing you answer other insiders questions regarding the same issues you just went through. Nice going.
Have fun and STREAM ON.

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You where not shut down at all, alot of your posts had guides already for them. I closed your post about the price because there was absolutely no context to your topic… It was just a price, in Canada its not that price. There is also a topic on deals for the firestick. Nobody here is shutting you down or being negative to you. Topics that have a lot of tutorials or guides for often get closed sooner as they already have an answer. You can pm me further if you wish about anything. People here are so kind and willing to help. I have not shut you down. I had no idea you where just showing a price for the 4k max in that topic as i said it had no context.

Edit: this topic also seem resolved, i will leave a 24 hour timer on it for you in case you need more time.