Adding new device to my active Real-debrid account

I have a currently active subscription to Realdebrid that works with my FireTV2 device. I bought a FireTV Cube and have not been able to add the device to my account. I cannot seem to get past the screen requiring a “code”. Realdebrid HELP menu says the “code” is generated by the new device and that they are not responsible for the “code” required to add the device to my account. Can anyone help me understand how I can get the “code” that Realdrbrid is requesting from my FireTV Cube?

I just added my Fire devices (including a TV Cube) to Real Debrid yesterday with no problem. Registering each device was the same. Once you are in the app on your Fire device and want to activate RD, a code will appear on your screen. I found that the easiest way was to log into RD ( on a separate device (e.g., PC, Tablet, or smartphone) and then open another tab and go to Real-Debrid | Application Authorization to enter the code.

If you are not are not already logged in, you can do it all from the Real-Debrid | Application Authorization screen, but I’ve found this to be a bit troublesome, as Captcha wants you to verify that you are not a robot. This caused me to have to repeat the step several times, and I ultimately found it easier to already be logged into RD. Things went very smoothly after that. If you have multiple streaming devices, you’ll have to repeat this for each one. When you enter the code for the app on a particular device, you’ll have the opportunity to “name” or identify the device (e.g., “Firestick in Master Bedroom”, “Fire Cube in Living Room”, etc.)

Just to be clear, you’re not registering your “device” with RD, but rather, you are registering the app(s) on your device with RD. You’ll have to go “Setup” in the app, and turn on or activate RD (you’ll usually find it in the “programs” section in the setup). This is when the code will be generated and you’ll have to enter the code on the RD screen on your other device (PC, tablet, or smartphone). You will have to repeat this step for each app that you wish to use with RD…unfortunately, there is no “universal” setting for all the streaming apps on your Fire TV device. And, you’ll have to repeat this for each device! But, once you get the hang of it, you’ll zip right through them all in no time flat! It’s definitely worth it to be able to stream without buffering!

Hope this helps!


Works like a charm! Thanks!

Great detailed explanation! You helped @rev_mark_knowles and all others to understand real-debrid registration.


Thanx, Bennie! I do what I can! Troy and others like him (like yourself) are leading the way! I’m just a fast follower!:sunglasses:

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No problem! Glad it worked out for you!:grinning: