Adding daddylive to the crew

I already have the crew and this week newsletter mentions daddylive, which appears to be part of the crew addon. How do I access daddylive?

It is a separate addon but I believe it uses the same Repo as The Crew addon. So if you already have The Crew installed, you already have the Repo for the Daddylive Addon. Just scroll through the instructions Dracoo posted above to where you see “Install from Repository” and go from there

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I’ve already installed The Crew as well, but don’t see “Install From Repo”.

Go to add-ons, in the categories list go to “install from repository” click on crew repo, click on video add-ons, scroll down to daddylive, install, done.

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Go to the Crew repository, and it’s in there.

Add ons
Install from repository
The Crew Repo
Video addons
Go down to DADDYLIVE
Click on install

we got a parrot in here lol.

Thanks, I found it.
I’ve been hoping to watch the Tennis Channel for a year, but I click on it and it buffers forward AND backward! What’s up with that? I’m disappointed.

Do a search on Live Sports with KODI. IPTV and Live sports on KODI is not to be relied on and very hit or miss. Your best bet is to look into a paid monthly IPTV subscription. There’s several that are very affordable with literally hundreds of channels