Added storage to Firestick not showing up

I followed the TP guide for adding USB storage to a Firestick 4K. Everything went as described, and some apps did load to the USB drive. However, I cannot access the storage at all, and it does not show up when I pull up the storage tab in settings…only the stick’s storage shows. Any ideas how to a) show the storage, and b) access that storage? I put a couple of pictures that I want to use as wallpaper in Wolf, but cannot seem to access the USB drive.


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The 4k firestick settings menu won’t show it. Use X-plore or ES File Explorer to see the partition.

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Awesome…thanks! Much appreciated.

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i am at the starting stage. I have an Firestick 4k , I have put ADB on, allow unknown software ON, downloaded Remote ADB Shell. When I run ADB shell and put in IP address, first time- said connection failed. I clicked it again and it won’t go any further than the connecting to ******.I want to be able to install amazon stick apps into usb MicroSD card- and run it to free up space but it doesn’t go anywhere. usb does show in es explorer, but not on firetv stick setting storage info screen


It’s telling you the IP address you’ve provided is invalid.

Start up your Fire stick, go to (recalling this from memory) Settings → About → Network. The IP address listed is the one you need to be entering.

Also as previously mentioned by another member, the default file app may not show the new partition(s), try ES File Explorer or X- Plore.


Settings>my fire tv>about>network
Now as with the other poster that’s from memory.

The IP address is correct. Jayhawks had the correct answer.

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My ip is enterred correct. First it says connection failed. Then i run again and it gives apperance as connecting, but it wont navigate from that. Until firestick times out. Also i can see stick in es explorer but i want it to show in forearick storage so i can download and run apps from usb stick.

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