Add USB storage to TV with Fire built in

Anyone know if you can use a flash drive plugged in to Fire TV USB port to download apps and store media?

Yes you can. Plug it in and turn the TV on. Go to settings on the Firestick and the USB stick will show up. You can then format it.

Awesome. I’m assuming I don’t need to go through the contortions I did when using one with my firestick?

Thank you!

The old sticks were a bear to add storage to. That has drastically changed with the 4K Max. Now it’s so simple to do. I just added 16Gig for apps only as I don’t record anything and just wanted storage for app testing and config learning. I have 15 apps and haven’t even used up 2 Gigs yet. Keeps 3 Gig free on the stick and usually have around 900-1000 MB of free RAM. Wish it was double that, but it works for me.

I know! Had to be very precise. I have two 4K sticks with USBs on them, and I’d have to redo all my research to do it again. Good to know its all easy now. Thank you for the help.