Add subtitles to KodiMatrix Builds

Help! Due to hearing loss I watch everything with subtitles.
I’m now using 4k Max stick, and kodi 19.4 AND Green Dragon Build (I have same problem with Crew build). Problem is that I can’t add open subtitles org or A4k services to find subtitles for the downloads without them in the stream. I used to be able to do this. You can’t get back to the actual Kodi estuary display to get to Kodi Settings. Even then, I can add a source address; But I can’t download the zip and load the repository. Is it something about the Amazon firestick that now prevents this load? It used to be, that the subtitles org program worked on all Kodi Builds and APKS. I really don’t want to take the APK only route. Anyone have any ideas how I can manage to add the subtitle services into the builds?
Thank you all for any assistance

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This might help. Or may point you in the right direction.


You need to get to the settings tab in the build and select skin,then check estuary and apply or ok. You have to do that, or it won’t take. Then it will go back to stock.

So glad you got it working! Have a great day :v:

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