Add Subtitles Source to Fen

I am using Kodi 20.1 with Fen and quite like it. However, I can find where to add a subtitles provider in the settings. Any guidance would be appreciated.

I don’t use Kodi, but troy has some info on subtitles in Kodi. Maybe this will give you some guidance.

I believe you press the ‘enter’ button while in a movie which will bring up a menu where you can activate subtitles.

I Googled it while i was over half way through ‘Kandahar’ movie which was approx. 1/3 in Arabic. I thought “Good grief, there has to be a way in KODI to enable English subtitles” Read a bit & did the above & lo & behold, i got English subtitles.

Remember, SOMETIMES Google IS your friend! :upside_down_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I was looking for a way to add my Open Subtitles account to the settings of FEN so that you can download subtitles if there are not any available. Thanks anyway,

Perfect. Thank you very much