Add firestick external usb

Followed Troy’s instructions to add a usb drive to my 4K fire stick. Everything worked as expected and a test download of Philo went to the usb. So happy days. However, none of my existing apps (cinemas, etc) moved and I when I try to move them manually, it fails. I have screen shots that show I did everything 100% correctly. Ideas?

May I ask what your primary intent is? Are you trying to use the usb drive as storage for files, or do you actually have that many apps installed that you are running out of internal storage space?

In my case, I only use a handful of apps. I found it easier just to use a usb drive as external storage for things that I might want to watch when I don’t have an internet connection (mainly when I travel). It’s easier to just download files on a PC and transfer to the flash drive than it is to try to download content from the firestick itself.

If you just want to use the usb drive for storage then format your flash drive on your computer using Rufus drive utility. Make it a non-bootable disk. And it shouldn’t matter, but choose GPT for the partition style just in case. Make sure it’s FAT32 and default allocation size. Unplug it when done and plug it into the firestick. If successful then nothing should pop up on the screen if you have a firestick 4K. In the background it will put two folders on the drive though. Unplug it then put it back in the computer and you should see the new folders. I then created a third folder I labeled “movies” and put all my files in there. As long as your usb drive is not a garbage brand (I had that problem) then you should be able to see and play all your files on the drive now.

Thx all. I’m not trying to do anything dramatic. It’s just that with the apps that I have loaded now, internal memory is below 1GB. Wanted to move them to the USB.

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