ADB Debugging for Fire HD 10

So, I just got a Fire HD 10 tablet, and having trouble making ADB connection when I try to load custom launcher…any ideas/suggestions are appreciated~thanks in advance!

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Hi @Fie_Man
I would try the search bar above and search the topic on this site. There is a discussion thread about tablets. Might find your answer there.


Unfortunately, I have Windows 7 OS, and am having difficulty loading the Fire Toolbox for ADB Debugging so that I can stop the lock screen ads, have access to Google assistant, disable bloatware, and load a custom launcher~which was my main goal.

If you have TP rapid installer there is a download to disable your internal launcher and to add a custom launcher.

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I have the Rapid app installer, but for Wolf launcher you load both it, and the Launcher Mgr, and open Launcher Mgr first and when selecting disable stock launcher it should make an ADB connection but fails. That is why I’m loading Fire Toolbox via my PC, but it also is displaying dpinst_x64 failed to install message.

You also have to jailbreak it. With the new 7os adb shell is no longer needed. You can add widgets and memory with the upgrade of the wolf launcher and never have to use adb shell.

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I use the same launcher. Have you allowed unknown source and developer options

You can actually just download the disable your internal launcher and use any custom launcher you would like.

I certainly have enabled those in Devoloper Options Device Settings

I follow Troy and Tech Doctor UK, and can access both stores so, if you are talking about the Disable Stock Launcher within Wolf Launcher Mgr, that’s where the ADB connection fails. If you are talking about another option somewhere else,
via another app maybe~where?

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All the app does is disables your stock launcher. You could download any custom launcher and if you have all the apps authorized in unknown sources and you allow usb debugging. When everything is working properly when you disable the stock launcher and enable a custom launcher whatever custom launcher you have downloaded will show up in the screen when it says do you want to use this once or always.

Just look at the app it is called launcher manager not wolf launcher manager.

Yes, as long as I don’t have to make an ADB connection, because so far I’ve not been able to, even by following Troy’s outline for Fire HD 10 with Fire Tool Box via PC Download…

Have you downloaded many apps

All the time. How about you?

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I believe if you bought the new Fire HD Tablet since Black Friday. Bezos did an update to his tablets that prevents Fire Toolbox to work. The only way around that was to not connect to the internet prior to doing the Fire Toolbox config.

IDK, if that is your issue or not, but as far as I know you cannot roll back to a previous version .

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You need to find someone you trust. You don’t trust me and you act like every suggestion is a insult or I have no idea what I’m talking about. I hope you can get everything working. Take care

Just adding from the gentleman before me there was a update and you can’t look at it as only a fire device. They added some of Google’s os. To get apps to work properly your downloads when you have to download for a fire device or Google platform use Google. Also to get the fire tool box use your charger cord to your pc and it should download that way. After all of that they still say certain apps will never function properly.and for the apps only download from a Google 9 not 10 because the tablet is working from a android 9 platform.

Dawg, aI appreciate your help, but that’s what Ive been saying from the very first~it doesn’t connect that way…so I’ll need to research a little deeper to see if I can get my Windows OS (7Pro), and Amazon Fire HD 10 to open Fire Toolbox, or as you mentioned skip ADB Debugging altogether (if possible).

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Everywhere I researched they talked about adding the play store but as per Troy and the TechDoctor there is already a store that is basically the play store unleashed. It has everything the play store has and more. I will leave you with it. I hope you get everything to working as you see fit.

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