Ad Free Versions, Still get Adverts and No "CC"

Can’t seem to get CC to download and display on the Latest version of Cinema HD Analytics. I’m using the Titan Player, seems I get the same results with the built in player… any Ideas… Thanks in advance

Titan player is one problem. These “mandatory” players are riddled with malware.

Cinema HD Analytics is the next issue. The old app was taken over and is still pretty worthless, and worse. Use Surfshark’s CleanWeb to get rid of ads.


Thanks for responding, Actually the issue I am really concerned about is Closed Captioning… It shows the choices… but when you try to D/L nothing happens… ? any thoughts on that? Doesn’t seem to matter which player I use either.

cinemahd has been modded so many times you never know what you get. I would suggest looking into stremio or syncler

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