Access denied on android tv os 12 using any file manager

When I try to access the android/data directory on my new onn I get message that access is denied using xplore. When I use ES File Explorer it just shows the data directory as empty. I tried to connect using FileZilla and can, but when go to the /android/data directory it shows up empty. Cannot figure how to get around the access denied.

try files by google

Tried files by google from the google play store and said that this app was not available on this device

The solution : uninstall any update you have done to the stock “File” app: go to Settings->Apps->See All Apps->Show system apps->Files->3 dot menu->Uninstall updates.

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I have no File under the show all apps. I went to Settings->Apps->show all apps - and there is no “File” app that is displayed.

There is no stock “File” app on the Onn Box (Original Onn updated to Android 12)
So far, I have not found any other solution. Even on my other Tox3 Android 11 box, there is no option to uninstall updates. However, my Tox3 box is rooted so no problems accessing Android Data files.with it.

Sorry I don’t have an Onn to look at. It should be under Apps>See all apps>show system apps>files.