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Kodi is my preferred choice at this time since it seems to be linking well to trakt and highlighting watched programs better than cinema.

I have installed a build in order to get a good selection of add-ons onto my kodi. I do not use the build as my skin and use the kodi default skin which is visually simple and easy to use.

However I feel that I am using up precious space by having a build installed that I am not using.

I would prefer to have the option of uploading a bundle of the best add-ons in one bundle without the build and then I could choose and install those add-ons that I prefer. Does anyone know if someone is bundling the most popular add-ons and if so, the address of the source.


I’ve always wanted something like this as well. In the past I’ve checked the newsletter to see which add-ons were most popular that month to gauge their status then just installed the top rated ones into the Kodi app I keep configured on my device. Currently it’s just Seren.

Hey Benz

I also use Seren on my Kodi. It work very well for me although it does not seem to give me a lot of sources.

I started to use The Crew again and it also works great. What I like about the Crew that Seren does not give me are sources from providers that are not Torents. I really like sources from rapidgator since they stream well and are smaller files with quality video.

Keep me informed of your preferences and new things you find and really like.

How do I install/update Kodi? I am using it as a stand alone app and it is in my Xanax app. Do I just Install it over top of the existing apps or do I have to uninstall Kodi and then reinstall the new version?