A question regarding Vysor & remote access of an Android box

Hiya everyone.
I’m having issue’s remotely connecting to an Android box (X96 Max Plus). I’ve configured it within my home network OK but when I try to connect either via a back up network (I don’t have this anymore) or a Tethered network using mobile data on my mobile phone it won’t connect and give’s me an error message that says ‘Connection Error. Vysor installation on Android failed. You must ENABLE “Install via USB”, ENABLE “USB Debugging (Security Settings)”, DISABLE “Verify apps over USB” in Developer Options on your Android’ with the options saying ‘More Info - Retry - Cancel’. Now the last 2 things it says must be done are set correctly but the 1st must of ‘ENABLE “Install via USB”’ isn’t in the developers options. I’ve searched around but I cannot find solution and even when I click on More Info it’s a link where people have said the same but there in no solution there and the thread has been closed Vysor can't install APK or control MIUI devices · Issue #833 · koush/vysor.io · GitHub
I know Troy said in his video guide to Vysor then he’s installed it on Android’s boxes and it works OK but as I say this box is giving me issues so any help would be very much appreciated please.

Many thanks in advance.


Someone else had this same issue but didn’t understand how it really works. You have to have two computers in order for the process to work. Computer 1 has to be in the same home, on the same network, and connected to the firestick using the Vysor app. Then you send an invite from computer 1 to computer 2, which can be located anywhere. So you’re just using computer 2 to talk to computer 1, which is really the one connected to the firestick.

Is this the way you are trying to use it, or did you assume that you could connect directly to the firestick using a single computer from another location?

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Hiya Jay and thank you for replying.
When I watched Troy’s video guide I thought he used 1 computer to initially do the setup on his home network and then the same computer to send the invite but then used a hotspot using mobile data to simulate the firestick being in a different location and on a different network but I’ll have to set up a 2nd PC I have spare to a hotspot and rewatch his video guide again.

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