9 Lives Kodi Addon

Does anyone know why I keep getting “read rate to low for continuous playback” when trying to watch a film on 9 Lives Kodi Addon. I’ve seen it once on Seren Addon, both of which work with real-debrid.

Try going to a 1080p source maybe? Are you using the 4k sources?

Welcome to this great community @Jimmymac this could depend alot on which device you’re using and like what @AMD237 mentioned what resolution is this happening on, how big are these links you’re having trouble with. Also you could install a wizard and set up the advanced settings to help with such problems, I’ll leave a link for that, good luck :+1:


P.S - Nine lives is a great addon that I use often so I don’t think it’s the addon.


Hi yes I am using 4K max. This does not occur on crew

Have you tried a 1080p source from a more trusted source? It doesnt sound like the add on in general, i think it is the RD source you are selecting.

Thanks I’Il install wizard.

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