50 best TV Series of all time

I’ll second Yellowstone. I didn’t realize how much I loved it until I had to wait for new episodes. And the companion series 1923 and 1887 were also fantastic.

And spawned the everlasting question: “Ginger or Mary Anne”?

I also really enjoyed Person of Interest and Prison Break, have watched both more than once.

I just finished binge watching Person of Interest. All 5 seasons. What an incredible series. Of course what would one expect from Jonathan Nolan and JJ Abrams? Excellent acting, great photography and a very scary premise. Full on AI is just around the corner if not already here.

Great shows listed above. And I agree with all of them. As an oldie I would like to add The Honeymooners. Jackie Gleason and Art Carney at their best. Another is the Carol Burnett show.

OOPS! I just noticed that PapaS listed The Honeymooner. Great minds think alike!

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Let me try to be somewhat chronological.

Andy Griffith
I dream of genie
All in the Family
Hogans Heroes
Star Trek

Three’s company
Hill St Blues
Airwolf :grin:
Star Trek

Modern Family
Star Trek

Pay TV - Band of Brothers, Sopranos, Game of Thrones, Billions…

Barney Miller, CHiPs and Chico and the Man. Magnum PI (the OG)

Anyone remember these? Not that they are my favorites, but a little obscure and I liked the…

BJ and the Bear.
Tales of the gold monkey.

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It’s very apparent that a millennial wrote that article there are many great historical TV series missing… if you’re going to use the phrase ‘Of All Time’ you better do your homework better…

Respectfully, Two and a Half Men is one of the most under-rated.
24 is another game-changing series that is missing from both the IMDB list and the comments. I’m surprised, but my suspicion is that, as one commenter suggested, millennials created the list and comprises most of the commenters. Their selections are based more on what they have seen on reruns than reality. I’m happy someone added Yellowstone. Spot on! And let’s add Shameless, Banshee, Dexter, True Detective, Lessons in Chemistry, Jack Ryan, Reacher and Fargo!

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i’m going to have to agree with the millennial comments…cuz WTFudge :man_shrugging: ??? No original Perry Mason…with the classic beauty Barbara Hale :heart_eyes:…or original The Untouchables…with what must have been the highest body count per episode for any crime drama EVER…

How about Alfred Hitchcock Presents

Later on, in 1962 the name changed to The Alfred Hitchcock Hour when they changed from the original half hour format to one hour shows. It has been critically acclaimed by every segment in the movie and television industry.


jackson lamb in slow horses outstanding

or or or…that Hot chic we all raced home to watch…I Dream Of Jeannie



How old are you, 95?

Larry Hagman blew off so many of Jeanie’s advances throughout most of the series too!


omg i knew there was something wrong with him :rofl:

I am older than dirt lol

Time to add a several more to the pile.

House, Hugh Laurie was so great in that role.
Columbo, I think that somebody mentioned this on but I’ll add a 2nd on this one.

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I loved House.

Another good current series, though it’s on paid TV, is the Bear.

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