4k streams on kodi

Most 4K streams,I attempt to use on any of my Kodi add-ons, do not play well, they skip or buffer momentarily,or freeze. Occasionally, I have a good luck usually when there is a boatload of 4K streams for a particular show. Was wondering if there’s something in the settings that I wasn’t doing correctly or missing. I am streaming on an Nvidia shield, 500 Mbps Internet, and real debrid streams, thanks for any help and info you can give me

Typically I would say your internet but with 500MB it certainly is not that. what Addons are you using? Number of streams don’t really matter you only need 1 if available. I am running a Build using The Crew and 9Lives Addons plus RD with roughly 400 MB over wifi (No VPN). If you are using a VPN perhaps it could be one of the settings there

I use several different addons crew,seren, and several others from Troy’s list. Also using Surfshark

With the shield there maybe a few issues you will need to address. What equipment are you streaming to? Have you gone into the Shield Pros advanced audio and video configurations. For example I cannot choose a 4K DV as I have a Samsung TV and cannot play DV, Only HDR or HDR 10+, although I can play Dolby Atmos. Took me several days of testing to get 4K HDR and HDT 10+ to play smoothly. There are a few sites that can help with the Shield Pro video and audio configs. I don’t think this has anything to do with Kodi, but maybe a configuration issue.

Was definitely the vpn, I went back and played streams that weren’t working well last night, and they are working fine without it. I wasn’t aware you didn’t have to use a VPN with real debrid. Surfshark is a good product, but it also messes with a lot of things making them not work well

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Glad you figured out what the issue is. Yeah I’ve been using KODI for over 6 years and don’t use a VPN except in the rare case I need to Download a show/movie when I’m getting on a plane.