4K sources on Cinema

I have a 4K projector and an Nvidia Shield. I am not getting any 4k options on Cinema. I have my shield set for 4K @59(recommended), I have Real-debrid account. I still not getting any 4k options when I select a movie. Any suggestions

you will not stream 4K from debrid as they don`t have speed to send it as disney or netflix does

I’ve watched 4k copies of venom and various other movies on Cinema hd. So they do exist but with openload and the other filehost shut down links might be thin for a while.

Just did a search on cyberflix…got some 4k links

There are also 4K links for joker so cyberflix is returning 4K links with real debrid. 4K links will usually only be available after it has been released on DVD.

I found some on Cyberflix, but still none on Cinema hd. Thanks

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